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How Can We Help You with Breastfeeding?

Hiring a Tranquil Seasons Labor Doula will ensure that your first latch is successful. We are there in those first precious moments after birth and we will help you put all the knowledge you learned ahead of time into practice.

During the first days and weeks at home, breastfeeding habits and needs can change. It's important for your milk supply to match the demands of your baby and it is reassuring to see your baby grow. But what if you have questions about your supply or about how much baby is growing? Will you have to bundle up your baby and bring them back to the hospital? Or to a pediatrician's office where there are other, potentially ill children?

A solution to keep (still recovering) Moms from having to go anywhere with their brand new infant, is to have their Tranquil Seasons Doula come to their home and help them to analyze their situation. If it's something more complex than our Lactation Support and Educator Doulas can help solve, we work closely with a local IBCLC Lactation Consultant who will also come to your home to provide care.

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Breastfeeding is very important to receive support for, because baby depends on every single feeding. If there is a problem with feeds over the course of a whole day, that could mean 10-12 feedings were either missed or inadequate. Unfortunately, that can have very serious effects on your baby's well-being. Get help early and don't let a problem go unattended for any amount of time. Every feed is crucial in the first weeks and months.

You are also invited to attend our Breastfeeding 101 classes, while pregnant, or with newborn-in-arms!
Click above on "Classes Offered" to find out when the next scheduled class is being held and where.

Give us a call today, to meet with our Lactation Support Provider.
We will be happy to help you make sure everything is progressing normally!

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