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What is Parent Coaching?

Basically it's like a Life Coach, for parents.

As a parent coach, Anne works with families who need an extra, outisde look at the situation. Anne has had 5 kids of her own, with the oldest 2 in college. She's worked with over 300+ babies and their families. She is in the process of earning her Masters in Counseling. Anne has been working with families for over 2 decades and nothing surprises her. Every family dynamic is different, but there are several enduring principles that predict and create parenting success.

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Some of those principles are:

Consistency - It is one of the hardest things in the world, to be consistent. Whether with a bedtime routine or boundaries with toddlers. Consistency equals security for children. Consistency also equals sanity for parents. No need to change the rules or change the game plan over and over. No need for confusion and frustration.

Flexibility - Not all children are the same. Not all scenarios are the same. Keeping consistent also requires a measure of flexibility. Infants need flexibility more than older children, but many parents struggle to understand where flexibility is needed and where consistency is needed. They CAN co-exist. We will help you understand how!

Caring with knowledge - Caring for your child with knowledge means that you know and understand your child's "actual needs", as well as their "impulse needs" and can respond appropriately. How can you tell when flexibility is needed and when to stand firm? By knowing and understanding your child as an individual. I often tell parents to stop reading books and start reading your child! Caring with knowledge means you've studied and learned your child's heart and can direct and guide with eyes-wide-open love.

You will work together with Anne to identify the obstacles getting in the way of your best parenting.

Feel free to share your parenting concerns via phone or email and Anne will set up a time to meet with you, listen to what you are struggling with, and gently suggest guidance to support your journey toward being the parent you want to be.

This service does not require you to be in San Antonio. You can receive this coaching from anywhere around the world.

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