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Sleep For New Mothers Soothes the Soul

Getting enough sleep is directly linked with mental health. When you are in the late stages of pregnancy as well as when your baby is a newborn, it can often be difficult sleeping. We cannot think clearly when we haven’t had enough sleep and it can really affect your wellbeing. Studies have shown that driving whilst fatigued is dangerous, as much so as driving whilst intoxicated. 

The third trimester

Sleeping in the third trimester of pregnancy is often difficult. Many mothers-to-be find that they are uncomfortable in bed, or that they need to get up frequently in the night to use the bathroom. 97% of women wake in the night and this can exacerbate feelings of anxiety. Often napping during the day is necessary to catch up. It also helps to use a specially designed pregnancy pillow at night, to ease pressure on the pelvis. Getting a tranquil night’s sleep will help your brain function better and give you peace of mind. 

The early days

When your baby first arrives, you won’t be in a sleep routine yet. Newborn babies need feeding every 2-3 hours throughout the day and night. There is an age old phrase of “sleep when the baby sleeps,” and this is very good advice. Try and resist the urge to “get things done,” and instead look after your own health too. Sleep is important for babies as it promotes growth, but for us adults, sleep is essential for improving our cognitive function and lowering the risk of depression. Postnatal depression is common in new mothers, and getting enough sleep helps to fight the symptoms. There are a lot of hormones and emotions that your body is getting used to, it can be difficult to deal with them if you are fatigued. 

Getting into a routine

Employing the services of a doula can really help you to get into a routine with your baby. Sleep training your baby will not only help them to grow and develop, but it will also help you to adjust. Family life becomes a lot more settled when the sleep patterns are regular, and your baby isn’t waking at random times throughout the day and night. You will be able to also sleep for longer periods. Your mental health and wellbeing relies on getting enough sleep and feeling rested. You will be able to enjoy look after your new baby and truly appreciate the joy that they bring. 

A special thank you to Jane Sandwood for the contribution of this article!



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