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We offer:
Labor Doulas / Birth Doulas
Postpartum Doulas

Bedrest Doulas
Overnight Newborn Care
AKA: Baby Nurses / Night Nurse
Childbirth Education Classes
Hypnobirth Doulas
Hypnobirthing Classes
Childbirth Coach Training
Labor/Birth Pool Rentals
Belly Casting
Newborn Care Classes
Breastfeeding 101 Classes
In-Home Breastfeeding Support
Gentle Infant Sleep Training
Sleep Training / Sleep Consultants
Baby Planners

Hiring an Agency

The amazing miracle of bringing a new life into your family is a time of celebration and shouldn't be cluttered with phone calls, extra appointments and the hopes of finding a doula or baby nurse you can trust and who will "fit". 

We provide educational, non-judgmental, emotional, practical and informational support during pregnancy, birth and for a few weeks or up to the first 4 months after delivery, (or longer in special situations.)

You can meet several doulas at once and choose your provider, whether for labor and birth or for the postpartum transition into parenting. If you've started your search, hoping to find newborn nannies or overnight baby nurses in San Antonio or the surrounding area, please consider the greater benefits a Certified Labor or Postpartum Doula will bring your to family.

Hiring Tranquil Seasons  for Birth Doula and/or Postpartum Doula Care, gives you an edge:

Accountability. Our doulas / baby nurses / nannies work together, and under the supervision of the agency owner, their trainer, who is also the Training Director of the MaternityWise International Board Certification Program.

Competitive rates for exceptionally skilled caregivers. You might find others who charge less, but you must ask yourself what level of care you desire for yourself and your newborn, in your home, and with your family. Anyone can call themselves a "doula", but not every "doula" has the integrity of being certified and working as a professional with a team.

Background Checks. Criminal Background Checks are kept up to date and available upon request.

Ongoing Education Just because they are certified does not mean they are done learning. All of our doulas continue to attend workshops & lectures, and many go on to pursue additional certifications to keep adding value to the care you receive.

Needs Assessments for your family, done by an experienced, Certified Doula Trainer, who can help you pinpoint the areas of care that will have the greatest impact while being mindful of financial efficiency. We work with you to develop Customized Care Plans for your family's unique needs.

Consistency in record keeping. Your doula will keep a log of care every time she is with you including throughout labor, and afterward, at home during feedings, changes, and any other tasks she performed while caring for you and your babies. Your chart remains in your home, so you may see how beautifully you're progressng! It's also helpful when a need arises, to watch for patterns of concern, and/or bring the log along to your or your child's medical appointments.

Continuity of Care. You've got back-up care in case of emergency. You'll never be stuck without support because we work as a team! Should a doula's shift be covered by another within our agency, or should you need more care hours than one doula is able to attend, you can be confident that all Tranquil Seasons doulas will provide the same excellent level of care and philosophy.

24/7 availability. We work when you need us, because childbirth sometimes happens on a holiday, and babies aren't just awake during "office hours".

Individualized Schedules that work with your busy life. Your needs are our priority.

Private and Confidential Service, following the HIPPA Guidelines for all medical providers. Even when working with friends and sisters, your experience is uniquely yours and we respect your privacy. Always. (and no matter who is paying)
We also have experience working with high profile families and understand the discretion required in such environments.

We will help you file for reimbursement with your Insurance/Flex Spend Acct. Call for questions about insurance.

Use or Purchase Gift Certificates and/or Coupons for care with our doulas / baby nurses / nannies.

Our Experienced, Sensitive and Culturally Respectful doulas are familiar and comfortable with caring for families from all different backgrounds. We enjoy and welcome variety, because we get the blessing of learning new things right along with you! Our doulas are comfortable working with different cultures and respect all types of families.

Understanding that you are not at your best, both physically and emotionally, for the first few weeks and months, Tranquil Seasons doulas, baby nurses and nannies will nurture and support you while you rest and recover.

During special circumstance such as adoption, surrogacy or military moves; our doulas, baby nurses and nannies are able to travel with families when they first meet their babies, during their stay, even when abroad and after returning home.

Tranquil Seasons provides labor, birth, postpartum mother-care and support to families with newborns in the form of doulas, baby nurses and nanny services. You may have heard of newborn nannies or night time baby nurses. Postpartum Doulas are even better! This service primarily supports the new mother in breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding, newborn care (comforting, stimulating, bathing, feeding, burping and holding techniques). Our focus is to make sure the mother is getting enough rest and eating well so she can produce enough breast milk to feed her newborn(s) whether at the breast or by pumping. If the mother is bottle feeding her baby, our doulas are trained in sterilization of bottles and preparation of formula, as well as newborn digestion - to help with gassy tummies, reflux and colic.

We want to make sure mother is able to rest, recover and enjoy bonding with her new baby and in special cases, preemies or multiple babies!


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